Retrospect: Doom

As this is my first post, I decided it would be unfitting to write about anything but what I played first in my life: Doom.

Doom, if you’ve been living under a hole for a good couple of decades, was one of the first fps games created.

You were a space marine (a main character occupation will NEVER be retired), investigating sudden silence of a research base on Phobos. You go in alone, after all your squad has been decimated to small bloody giblets, and try to find out what’s going on. Turns out they were messing around with teleporters, tech savy demons got through… somehow… , and you take it upon yourself to clean up the mess… for some reason.

Or that’s what they tell you in the text cutscenes and the game manual. When the actual game starts it becomes apparent that you won’t get much plot at all, the game basically giving you a lot of weaponry, sitting back and saying ‘Go nuts’. Plots, and even the relevent locations to the plots sort of melt away, and you have a good time killing baddies.

Being one of the first fps games created it had a few quirks that were a result of the technology of the day. For instance you couldn’t actually look up or down. There was no jump key, any jumps you needed to make had to be sprint over. Most people didn’t even use a mouse, instead just playing it with a keyboard. While not really avoidable back then it’s interesting to look back and see how far we’ve come.

Another thing I love about doom was that it started multiplayer as we know it, both co-op and deathmatch. Seriously. It didn’t contain the most user friendly way to connect to people’s games, but it worked and was incredibly fun. It was a basic change on the maps from the original game, where you could add more/less/no monsters and more weapons. There was no clear cut game types, people playing as enemies on a monster packed map was a type that was played a bit, along with the coop and deathmatch settings that survived till this day.

Doom has this uncertain x-factor that I can’t put my finger on (unless it’s nostalgia…), which may be why it was so successful. The enemies are  fun to verse, weapons fun to use, and the maps intriguing to explore. The only game that has given me the same feeling is Valves latest game “Left 4 Dead”, which has a lot of the same elements except that you actually feel like you’re progressing through a storyline.

So that’s doom in a nutshell. Incredibly fun, even if you can’t look up or down.


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