Random Rants: Game release pandemonium.

Game developers are always trying to make maximum profit out of a project, it’s how the financial world works. This results in the mass release dates about a month before christmas so appropriate hype can be created when it’s needed and everyone buys it for christmas. While this normally is fair enough because most people are only interested in a couple of titles, this year there seems to be some multi-corporation conspirisy where everyone is releasing sequels to extremely well done games that have had a good thousand extra interesting features put in. All ending in ‘2’.
Bioshock 2

Bioshock was a FPS released back in late 2007. It was based on the System Shock series back in the 90’s, and blended steampunk and biopunk with moral delemas and philisophical questions, as well as having some extremely pretty environments. All at the bottom of the ocean. There were a good hundred tactical plausablilities and was extremely satifying outsmarting your enemies.

Bioshock had these roaming bosses called Big Daddies, which you could kill to get the little girls they protected so you could either save them from their horrible slavery and get a little bit of magic fairy liquid (used to buy new plasmids, which enable you to shoot things out of you hand, such as bees) or kill them to get maximum magic fairy liquid. It was no easy task though, these guys were 2.5 metres tall and either shot rivets and beat the shit out of you, or had an enormous drill for an arm to beat the shit out of you.

In Bioshock 2, you get to PLAY as a Big Daddy. Not just any Big Daddy though, the prototype that was deemed too costly to be plausable to mass produce. This comes back to a point I made earlier that what’s more fun than making the game harder by upgrading the enemies is having the same enemies, just making more of them. So you’ll be stomping around a not-quite abandoned ruined city underwater shooting fire and bees out of your arm and generally killing anyone who decides to attack you. YES.

Oh, and Coop and multiplayer, which I’m cautiously optimistic about.

Assassin’s Creed 2

Assassin’s Creed was released november 2007, and involved you parkour’ing around several different cities in the 11th century, being tasked to Assassinate a couple of templars but in general free to do your own thing as well. You had multiple ways to approach a target, could climb buildings and had a mechanised blade that you could use to do some IMPRESSIVE inhumation. It also had interesting characters and a decent storyline, however the cutscenes that could take upwards of 5 minutes and you couldn’t skip got a little repetative.

In Assassin’s Creed 2 you play as a different chap in 16th century italy, with improved parkour mechanics, combat mechanics, and you have 2 mechanised blades that are also now guns. While not much is known right now if it’s anything like the old game it looks to be quite a good deal of fun.

Mass Effect 2

The first Mass Effect was very nice, you went travelling around the universe blowing up robots and questing to your hearts content. There were several different classes all with fun abilities and had dialogue trees whenever you taked to someone. It was pretty and had an interesting storyline, and the harder difficulties were extremely fun, following the “harder = more enemies” rule. There was an INCREDIBLE amount of content, which is nice but it ends up being more of the same, with the storyline missions being vastly more fun.

Mass Effect 2, is a lot more focused on the story than the original, and has vastly improved combat mechanics where you can blow parts of people off, as well as see them try to crawl away. The characters look better, and it uses your save games from Mass Effect 1 to determine if certain characters are alive, as well as putting into effect the choices you made last game. Again, if it’s like the original it’ll be extremely enjoyable.

Left 4 Dead 2

This one’s an interesting one, suddenly I wake up one morning and valve has created a new game while I wasn’t looking. “Where the hell did that come from?” was my immediate response. Apparently it’s going to release 364 days after the original was released.

At this stage the game looks largely finished, and I’m cautiously optimistic about this game, it has melee weapons and new special infected, as well as new characters and new campaigns. I’m a bit concerned this idea is half baked though, for one it’s set in daytime now, which is a bit of a risky change. The special infected from the last game are kind of conspiuous at this stage,the incendry ammo seems cool but means the tank is now even MORE useless than before, the melee weapons are kind of overpowered, and while it’s not a finished product it seems lacking something the original one had.

It’s created a bit of a stir with customers though, there’s even a sizable movement to stop L4D 2 and have it released as DLC for the original, which confuses me to buggery, they still need to make a profit and it’s a lot of content to just give away for free. I think it’ll probably be fun, though I don’t know if I’ll preorder it as I did the last one.

The issue is, most gamers and a sizable amount of people that aren’t know about the quality of these original games, and practically everyone I know who plays games regularly has played these games. So how is it any kind of fair they release all these games within the same month? I mean I want all of them, but can’t really justify buying them ALL at the same time!
Market forces make me cry sometimes.

(Fun fact: Curiously 3 of these games were released in 2007, so apparently 2009 is the new 2007.)


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